Clinical Pharmacy

The discipline of Clinical Pharmacy identifies problems that occur during drug use and develops strategies to improve safety and efficacy of drug treatment. 


Drug treatment of cancer is often challenging. Adverse side effects and treatment failure due to drug resistance of tumor cells are major drawbacks that hamper an effective and successful drug treatment. The increased availability of oral anticancer drugs has created a new awareness for drug-drug interactions. Clinical Pharmacy can contribute by understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms to informing patients for the correct use of their anticancer drugs.

Courtesy of Photos and Graphics: Oliver Böhm and Christoph Ritter

Research Topics in Clinical Pharmacy:

Role of Signaling Netzwork for the Development of  Drug Resistance

Role of Transport Proteins for the Development of  Drug Resistance 

Appraisal of drug-drug and herb-drug interactions of anticancer drugs 

Appraisal of drug interactions of drugs that are applied via feeding tubes


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